Blog Reboot

What is this blog?

Hey, guys! I’m starting up a blog as a space to share random creative projects, experiences, and thoughts from my life. And in order to do that, I’ve chosen to reboot my old blog Boomerang Fish. No harm in letting a perfectly good blog space go to waste, right? Which brings me to my domain name… I should probably explain that.

What is a boomerang fish?

The term “boomerang fish” is a reference to one of the lesser known Muppets, Lew Zealand. He is first introduced in the original Muppet Show as an aspiring performer with a boomerang fish act. His act, initially rejected by the show’s manager Kermit, comes in handy later to break up Kermit’s wedding. Watch him in action here, or watch him sing “Tea for Two” backwards. The character of Lew Zealand holds no deep meaning for me, except for appealing to my sense of the ridiculous. The term “boomerang fish” stuck.

Who am I?

I’m a writer, musician, photographer, homeschool graduate, graphic designer apprentice, sci-fi/fantasy geek, eater of ice cream, lover of the ridiculous, & more. I like Converse shoes and movies and hoodies and star-gazing and laughter and (sometimes) travel. I also freak out about insignificant details, occasionally forget how to talk to other human beings, stay up too late watching Netflix, and sometimes have bouts of listening to heavy metal while hiding in the dark. Hey – it’s nice to meet you!

Now it’s your turn, O blog reader — tell me something about yourself!


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